OCP Secretary George Alexander Address all UAE National Ethiopian Youth Conference: Calls for Second Addis Ababa Conference


OCP News Service – 21/6/14

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Dubai: George Alexander (OCP Secretary and Spokesperson) along with Prakash Varghese (OCP Delegate of UAE, Gulf and Levant Region) and Nisha Jacob (OCP Delegate and Associate) were invited as special guests at the all UAE National Ethiopian Orthodox Conference. On behalf of the OCP Society, George addressed more than 2500 delegates from different parts of the Emirates on June 20th Friday 2014 at Al Nasr Club in Dubai.

He spoke on the importance of the historic Addis Ababa Conference held in 1965 and reminded the need for organizing the Second Addis Abba Conference for the Oriental Orthodox Churches. The year 2015 marks the 59th Anniversary of the great and holy Addis Ababa Conference. He recalled his previous visit to the Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarchate in the year 2013 where he met with Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia, and several other Prelates and submitted a special request for organizing the Second Addis Ababa Conference. He also spoke in details about the Orthodox unity activities perused by the OCP Society and lauded the great traditions of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia.

OCP News Service