OCP Launch Center for Orthodox Studies – COS

OCP News Service – COS – 16/10/18

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Global: Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) has launched the Center for Orthodox Studies (COS).  The Center will publish research and pastoral materials on various Orthodox Christian topics. The material published will be useful for researchers and for the faithful. COS also aims at promoting independent research.

COS is an organ under the Dept. of Church Research and Studies of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE. COS is the apex body for various OCP projects like MARP, OCEI,  and OOCP. Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob (Faculty – Holy Trinity University, Ethiopia)  is the Head and Chief of COS.

Independent researchers and faithful are welcome to make their contribution to COS. Materials will be published only on the successful completion of the ‘screening process’ by the COS Research Board.

You may contact us – theorthodoxchurch.info@gmail.com 

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