OCP Foundation Install ‘Orders’ of Metropolitan Alvares Julius & Western Rite Orthodoxy

OCP Foundation – OCP News Service – 24/9/18

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On the occasion of the 95th memorial feast of great Metropolitan Alvares Julius, the Foundation of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society (OCP Foundation) has announced two new awards. The first award is in the memory of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius of Ceylon, Goa, and India, by the name ‘ The Order of Metropolitan Alvares Julius’ and the second award is in the name of Western Rite Orthodox Communities, by the name ‘The Order of Western Rite Orthodoxy’.

Designed by Fr. Prakash Kuriakose (OCP Delegate of Malankara & Chief Design Officer @ OCP-MARP), these orders are unique in its purpose. The new orders are linked with the research activities of Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project (MARP), which is under the Centre for Orthodox Studies (COS), an organ of the Dept. of Church Research and Studies of the OCP Society.

The two orders are announced apart from the existing OCP awards and honors.

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OCP Foundation – OCP News Service