‘No nuance of Orthodox community’s life escapes president’s attention’

There is no disagreement between the representatives of the various religious denominations in Azerbaijan.

The statement came from Archbishop Alexander of Baku and Azerbaijan at a reception hosted by the Baku-Azerbaijan Diocese on the occasion of Christmas.

“President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the New Year, especially with a greeting addressed to the Orthodox Christians of Azerbaijan and noted the great contribution they make to not only stabilization but also the development of Azerbaijan in the field of culture and economy. And, of course, we are deeply grateful to Mr. President that he has his finger on the pulse of life in our country, and no nuance, including in the life of the Orthodox community of Azerbaijan, escapes his attention,” he stressed.
According to him, the tradition of tolerance in Azerbaijan is alive and evolving.

“The fact that we live in a developing, strengthening and prosperous country is an indication that there is our small contribution to this cause. Our good and friendly relations with the representatives of different faiths – Muslims, Christians and Jews continue. We are citizens of this country. For us, this country is home and our life.

And though we are of different nationalities, religious faiths and cultures, between us there are no religious differences. This is a great and one of the main assets of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for understanding between people of different cultures and religious traditions is the basis for the construction of peace and coexistence,” said the archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijan.