New church shop opened at the Terazije Square in Belgrade

September 2013

By reminding everyone that nothing cannot be done without a prayer, His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, began  the  rite of consecration of the Patriarchal shop at the  Terazije Square. The clergy of the Archdiocese of Belgrade-Karlovac concelebrated. The choir of pupils of the Seminary “Saint Sava” in Belgrade sang responses.

The shop is situated in the very centre of Belgrade, right next to the hotel “Moscow”.

Thanks to the Directorate and the Agency for restitution and Mr. Vlada Todorovic, after the long process of restitution, the building at 22 Terazije Str., covering an area of 250 m2, was given back to the Serbian Orthodox Church.  The object is on two floors and has a gallery and a retail space.

Following the return to the real owner – the Serbian Orthodox Church, the object was equipped with special efforts of protopresbyter-stavrophor Stojadin Pavlovic, director of the Administration Office of the Patriarchate.

The gallery, within the shop, contains the publishing section of our Church – Bookstore. It is here that one can find special editions of the Publishing Foundation and the Printing  of the Serbian Church: liturgical books, books by late Patriarch Pavle, and also collected works  by St. Bishop Nikolaj of Ohrid and Zica, in various editions, as well as the newest one published by Glas Crkve from Sabac and various other liturgical and spiritual books

On the floor of the shop, liturgical items and liturgical vestments are exposed.

This Patriarchal shop also contains products of our monasteries and of organic food producers.

The Pilgrimage Agency of the Serbian Orthodox Church “Dobrocinstvo” (Philanthropy) has its premises here as well.

The shop begins to function on the Friday of 20th September, and it will be open daily with normal working hours, whereas on Sundays starting only at 12 o’clock.

Director of the Office for Relations with Churches and Religious Communities Mr. Mileta Radojevic, representatives of state authorities, as well as people from public and cultural life and many citizens were present at the opening ceremony.