New Book – ‘The Truth Behind the Malankara Church Conflict’ By Derin Raju

Book - Malankara Sabha Tharkkam- Enthanu Sathyam?

Book – Malankara Sabha Tharkkam- Enthanu Sathyam?

OCP News Service – 18/1/2020

Malankara-India: A new research book titled ‘Malankara Sabha Tharkkam- Enthanu Sathyam?‘ on the history of the Malankara Church conflict (schism) is presently available. Authored by Prof Derin Raju, and published by Sofia books, this book carefully explores the in-depth aspects of the age-old conflict in the Malankara Nasrani Church.

The book undoubtedly encourages readers to discover the various aspects of the conflict. Readers can examine more than fifty historical documents from the work.

The first copy of the book was released by Metropolitan Yuhanon Diascorous – Secretary to the Holy Synod of the Malankara Church.

Pages: 424
Price: Rs. 300
Published by – Sophia Books, Kottayam
Language – Malayalam

For copies, contact:
Joice Thottakadu
+91 70122 70083

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