New Book – The Mysterious Empire of Ethiopia

Amazon – 6/11/2019

A new book by Dean Arnold titled ‘Unknown Empire: The True Story of Mysterious Ethiopia and the Future Ark of Civilization‘ on  Ethiopia is now available for purchase. The book has opened rave reviews.

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About the Book
Keepers of the Ark of the Covenant * The Garden of Eden * The First Christian Empire * 1000 years Jewish before Christ—Ethiopia makes remarkable claims!

Who will lead the continent of the future? The unknown Empire begins with a barefoot Ethiopian army defeating thousands of European soldiers in 1896. As the only African nation to never be conquered, they defeated Mussolini during WWII. With the West dying but Africa booming, Ethiopia faces population control leaders such as Bill Gates and the U.N. in an epic confrontation for the future of civilization.

In all these confrontations, the Ark of the Covenant plays a central role for Ethiopians who believe that they have held the world’s most famous object since before the time of Christ. The author explores the Ark claim throughout and weaves in the claims of Eden and empire. Utilizing his trademark style—history with a plot—Dean W. Arnold provides a unique and edifying experience, a “nonfiction novel” where every exciting action and quote is true.