New Book – Malankara Church Constitution By Derin Raju

OCP News Service – 2/09/19 M

Malankara Church Constitution – History, Documents, and Amendments by Derin Raju.

Malankara- Kerala- India: A new research book on the history of formulation of the Church Constitution of 1934, its different drafts and the published editions of 1934 and 2002 along with amendments is now available.

This book encourages the reader to study the related historical documents and drafting history of the Church Constitution and thereby urges them to become ‘one shepherd and one herd’ under the Constitution and achieve lasting peace.

Introduction: Metropolitan Yuhanon Mar Milithieos of Thrissur.

Price: Rs. 200
Published by – Sofia Books, Kottayam
Language – Malayalam

For copies, contact:
Joice Thottakadu
+91 70122 70083

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