Mother Kereya the Abbess & Bishop Ireneaus (Vassiliou) : Miraculous Oil & Orthodox Unity


Eastern & Oriental: One Orthodox Faith Fb Group– 15/4/16 – Fr Kyrillos Ibrahim

Dear Friends…please enjoy this beautiful story that not only includes several saints but presents us with a great hope for the unity of the Orthodox Churches, Oriental and Eastern!

The Following story is told by Mother Erene herself:

When Tamav Erene entered the monastery and served Mother Kereya the Abbess (+1962) she learned about a very precious holy oil that was given to Mother Kereya by Saint Abba Abraam of Fayoum (1829-1914) before his departure to heaven. Mother Kereya used this oil on herself and others when they were sick and would immediately get well. St. Abraam used to love the monastic community of St Abu Sufein Mercurius and in his last visit to them told Mother Kereya, “I have a treasure that I would not entrust anywhere except here with you. It is a bottle of oil which I received from heaven…take it is a blessing for the convent.”

His Grace, the departed Greek Orthodox Bishop of Birmingham, England, had a relationship with the Coptic Orthodox Church going back to 1985 in England and was zealous about unity between the two churches.

He was once praying fervently with tears and asking for the unity of the Church… He saw Pope Kyrillos VI in a vision holding in his hand a child dressed in white. He told him, “I am happy that you are praying for the unity of the Church. I am, too, praying with you. So, HG Bishop Irenaeaus asked him, “Who is that child?” He answered, “This is the martyr Abanoub. I want you to go to Egypt with a message. Are you able to go?” He replied, “With pleasure!” So he told him, “You will go to the Convent of the Martyr Abu Sufein. This place is very dear to my heart. There you will see Mother Erene. She is my dear spiritual daughter. You will give her this oil. She already has special holy oil. Let her mix them together and give you some of it. Tell her, ‘Your father [Pope Kyrillos] is telling you that you will suffer from many serious illnesses and undergo many operations. Many problems will happen but fear not. God is with you and your father is praying for you. Indeed you will suffer a lot, but God will support you. Fear not.’ I also want you to go the monastery of the Martyr St Mena and to visit my shrine there.”

HG Bishop Ireneaus came to Egypt in November 1991. He visited the convent and told Mothe Erene about the vision in the presence of HG Bishop Misael and Dr. Ahmos Pahor. I took the crystal flask in which he brought the oil and added it to our (special) oil. This oil is given to the sick and those with problems.