More than hundred people benefits from the Medical Camp hosted by the Kenyan Orthodox Mission & Saint Philothea Project






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Hello Fellow Friends of God,

We have made some wonderful progress here at Saint Philothea Project! As we previously announced, we are now OFFICIALLY TAX EXEMPT under IRS code 501 (c) (3), as of Oct 9th, 2015.

Saint Philothea Project was started by Timothy Farrell, who with a group of supporters, friends & fellow church mates, came together to provide aid to widows & orphans in poverished areas, mainly Romania & Kenya.

With this charitable mission & due to its great response from our supporters, we decided it was time for Saint Philothea Project to formally get organised, in order to continue its great works!

For those waiting to donate, in order receive a recipt, NOW IS THE TIME!

The other update we wish to share with you is regarding our Medical Clinic which took place this past Saturday. According to Father Mark (his words below)….

“God bless you. Thank you for your great love to us. We treated 162 patients. We had 6 doctors. One was testing Hiv/Aids where some patients were diagnosed positive but doctor refused to disclose them to me saying it is illegal for him to do so. This is that man doctor, shown in the photographs. There is a tall lady doctor in trousers she was treating kids and the third doctor was treating adults but they exchanged in the afternoon. A fourth doctor was taking registration. While two additional doctors were in pharmacy giving ARV and drugs to patients. I was very busy giving health talk in church. It was very successful and all people were very happy. Fr. Mark”

We share with you a few photos from that day! Here we have a REAL opportunity to help the masses. A donation of $130 was able to benefit 162 people. This included our orphaned children! Your donations can make real impact! We are looking for others who wish to sponsor our next clinic. We would be happy to organize one in your name!

Please help us to grow this mission by sharing our message & link with friends & family!

We Thank You!
Together we are making a difference!

Saint Philothea Project!