“Middle Eastern Religious Leaders Bear the Historical Responsibility to Promote a Culture of Living Together” Catholicos Aram I

October 2014

11 October 2014. On Saturday, Bishop Shahé Panossian, the Prelate of Lebanon, represented His Holiness Aram I at a conference organized by Adyan, the Lebanese foundation for Interreligious Studies and Spiritual Solidarity, at the Notre Dame Du Puits-Bqennaya. After thanking the organizers for their timely initiative, he read the message of the Catholicos Aram I.

The Catholicos stated that the religions of the Middle East find themselves at a critical juncture in the region and have the ability at this moment to either enrich or destroy communities. He said that they must take their God-given responsibility and use their influence in their respective communities to face the present grave situation face on by acting together to promote a culture of ‘living together.’

Deacon Hagop Kardanakian, Dr. Jean Salmanian and Ms. Nayiri Topalian represented the Catholicosate of Cilicia at a training seminar, which preceded the conference, on citizenship and living together.