Metropolitan of Piraeus Opposes Mosque Building Bill

Stella Tsolakidou

Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim filed an appeal to the Council of State asking from the Greek government to withdraw a bill about building a mosque in Athens.

The Orthodox Metropolitan made an extensive reference to the wars Christianity has faced over the years, from 325 B.C. with Arios until today’s Jehovah Witnesses, which only aimed at “annihilating the Christian dogma”.

Moreover, he mentioned the centuries-long struggles of the Greek nation and the thousands of dead patriots and Christians, who lost their life defending their religion and country against the Muslims.

“This bill is based on the ‘democratic sensitivities’ of our state. The truth is that is degrading our religious beliefs, the history and our ancestors who fought for freedom” wrote Seraphim in his appeal.

After many years, the Greek government has decided to pass a bill allowing the building of a mosque in the Votanikos region of Athens, in order for the Muslims living in Greece to have a proper place where they can practice their religious rights.

The Greek Muslims’ Union stated that it is open to discussion and condemned the Metropolitan’s comments on the violent nature of Muslims.