Metropolitan Epifaniy – Newly Elected Primate of the Newly Constituted National Orthodox Church of Ukraine

OCP News Service – 16/12/18

Kiev- Ukraine: The Unification council held on 15/12/18 at the St. Sophia Cathedral (Kiev) elected Metropolitan Epiphany as the new Primate of the newly established ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church’.  Epiphany (Serhiy Dumenko) is the Metropolitan of Pereiaslav and Bila Tserkvaof of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate. He is the rector of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy as well.

Epiphany was elected as the so-called ‘Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine’. The new Church according to its charter will be known as the ‘Orthodox Church of Ukraine’ or the ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church’. Representatives of the three major Orthodox Chruch took part in the so-called unification Council. However, only two Bishops from the Ukranian Orthodox Chruch – Moscow Patriarchate attended the council.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was the one to announce the name of the newly elected Primate. He hopes to travel to Constantinople in January with the new Primate to receive the ‘Tomos of Autocephaly’ from the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Russian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate) has condemned the council as uncanonical. Russian Orthodox sources also quoted that the Moscow Patriarchate will work towards Ukraine, despite the creation of a new national Church.

OCP News Service

4 thoughts on “Metropolitan Epifaniy – Newly Elected Primate of the Newly Constituted National Orthodox Church of Ukraine

  1. I pray that all will maintain peace and concord during this very unfortunate time. EP was able to do this for the Ukrainians but not for the Macedonians because it would be an affront to Greek pride. How sad this situation truly is.

  2. Bartholomew of Istanbul did NOTHING “for Ukraine.” He did this FOR the USA, ordered to by the US State Department, in the continuing and escalating anti-Russia campaihn being conducted by the US, EU, and NATO. While “peace” (as in “absence of actual war”) may be maintained, not a great deal of “concord” is evident, as the Ukrainian government (wholly-owned subsidiary of the USA) and the new fake church are both stepping up persecution of the Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church headed by Metropolitan Onuphry. As far as Macedonia goes, Bartholomew of Istansbul supposedly stated that he cannot even begin to consider “the Macedonian quesiton” while the Republic of Macedonia bears the name, “Macedonia.” This is rather disgusting, as Bartholomew of Istanbul just engineered the future and terrible persecution of the Orthodox people of Ukraine, and apparently does not care one iota about that, yet as mentioned above, would never even consider looking into the situaiton in Macedonia while that country bears a name that Greeks claim “as their own.” Last time I looked, that name has never been “patented,” or “trademarked” by “Greece.” But … the Greeks in Istanbul! What can be expected? Maybe if Bartholomew’s BFF (“Best Friend Forever”) asked him, he wold be glad to grant autocephaly to Macedonia …

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