Message of His Holiness Karekin II at the 6th National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

by Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE on May 22, 2017

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Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin – May 2017

(Yerevan , 18 May 2017)

Your Excellency, Mr. President,
Honorable Members of Parliament,
Dear attendees,

We extend to you Our pontifical blessings and greetings, and congratulate the newly elected Members of Parliament on the occasion of the first session of the 6th National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

From here on, the role of the National Assembly will essentially expand, as the result of recent constitutional amendments changing Armenia to a parliamentary state governance system. As the highest body vested with added jurisdiction and executive power, the National Assembly is assuming even greater responsibility in the life of our country and people as well as for our present and future.

On the path of the reinforcement of our statehood and transformation in our country, important steps have been undertaken to create legal foundations for a parliamentary republic, for the sake of civil society, and development of the economy, science, and culture in our country. Over the course of these years, efforts have been made to secure a sound environment for strengthening our spiritual and national-ecclesiastical life.

However, along with all the achievements, problems and difficulties have yet to be eliminated from our life. We must take a course of substantial actions, to build a prosperous life for our people, to secure peace on our borders, to protect the rights of our people, and to realize our national aspirations.

Esteemed members of Parliament, within this foremost legislative body you are called to serve the sacred, great, and responsible mission of serving our country and faithful people. The laws that are going to be adopted at this highest branch of government should reinforce and bring prosperity to our society, they should mirror our own identity and values, to express the aspirations of our people, and strengthen solidarity and unity of our nation. The Parliament is also an important platform where diverse opinions and multiplicity of thoughts and initiatives, born of the same spirit of patriotism and dedication, shall further expand the perspectives of the development of our nation. However, the difference of views and opinions should never become a reason for contrarity and intolerance which would affect the successful mission of the National Assembly. It is apt to remember the message of St. Nerses Shnorhali (Graceful): “Unity in important matters, freedom in the secondary matters and love in everything”. You should loyally follow the message of the Patriarch, keep unity in the important matters, freedom in the secondary, and love in everything.

It is our wish that through jointly responsible activities you may combine your efforts and dedication for the sake of our homeland, and a peaceful, bright and thriving life of our people. We pray that God may strengthen you with a patriotic spirit, and grant you zeal and passion to achieve long-lasting successes in your highly responsible mission. We beseech for you all, the graces of the resurrected Lord, the protection of the victorious Holy Cross and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


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