Memorial service for 6,000 Serbs killed in Stari Brod held: When brave girls and mothers with children in their arms leapt into the Drina

 – 23/3/15

In Stari Brod, Visegrad, memorial service was held for more than 6,000 Serbs who were killed by Independent state of Croatia forces,  members of the infamous Black Legion of Jure Francetic. This monstrous murder happened in the spring of 1942.

Rev Dragan Vukotic said that on this day 73 years ago in the Drina canyon began to arrive the first refugees from the Sarajevo-Romanija region, who have sought refuge in Serbia, fleeing from the Croatian Nazi.

A that period mass massacres started to happen and such situation lasted until 2nd of May, when even merciless German command recognizes that Croats were comitting the most gruesome and horrible mass crimes. They were disgusted by the atrocities of the Ustashas and issued and order to Francetic to stop the slaughter; incredible and rare, but Germans had saved about 3,000 people from death and it has to be ackowledged ” said Vukotic.

Ubijena Srpkinja, u NDH 1942. Ustaska zverstva

Vukotic notes that it’s time for Serbs to learn the true history, not the politically correct one, they were taught by communists with false false heroes and battles.

Little Serb mutilated

“Heroes are the girls and mothers with their children who jumped into the Drina in order to escape theslaughter.They are the real, true heroes who deserve memory eternal of the Serbian people”.

( Documentary “Children Behind The Wire” about genocide over children in the Nazi “Independent State of Croatia” from 1941-1945. – Jastrebarsko Concentration Camp was a concentration camp that housed Serbian children between the ages of one month to fourteen years during World War II, located in Jastrebarsko, Croatia. It was open for two months, July 12th – August 26th 1942. The camp was set up specifically for children from Kozara, Bosnia, and from Croatia. Through the camp passed 3336 Serbian children, more than 2 000 children from Kozara. During its operation 1,018 children died in the camp. Ilovara Franjo Francis, a gravedigger who was paid “per piece”, buried 768 children in a six week period. About 1,300 prisoners were transported to Jasenovac. On August 26, 1942, the partisans freed 727 children from the camp.

During World War II, the Croatian Ustasha government, being an ally of Nazi Germany, implemented the same methods of genocide. Only Serbian children were kept in the concentration camp.
Roman-Catholic Congregation Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul were the guards in the camp. )

Raped, tortured and murdered Serbian woman, Independent State of Croatia (NDH), WW II

Raped, tortured and murdered Serbian woman, Independent State of Croatia (NDH), WW II

 According to Risto Borovčanin who survived the terrible crime in the spring of 1942, a major massacre started on 22 March approximately  between 16:00 and 17:00 o’clock.

“From the other side of the Drina river boats carrying some army in yellow uniforms approached. They asked for Francetic, and when he appeared,  they said that no one should be killed that way, ” Borovcanin recalls.
In the Stari Brod massacre Borovcanin had lost his uncles, aunts, daughters in law, cousins ​​and cousins.

( Video: Genocide in Croatia 1941-1945. The WW II persecution of Serbs, also known as Serbian Genocide, refers to the persecution of Serbs that included extermination, expulsions and forced religious conversions of large numbers of ethnic Serbs by the Ustaše regime in the Independent State of Croatia, and killings of Serbs by Albanian collaborationists and Axis occupying forces during World War II.)

During the wartime spring 1942, in order to avoid rape, mutiations and being tortured by Croats, over 320 Serbian girls and young women leaped into the deep Drina waters.

The largest and most massive massacres of Serbs in Stari Brod, Croatian army committed during Mladenci (Newlyweds) Orthodox holiday, 22 March 1942.