Malankara Church Faithful Celebrates the Catholicate Day – 2019

Orthodoxia.Kadeesh – OCP News Service – 7/4/19

Malankara-India: The faithful of the ancient Orthodox Church of Malankara celebrates the Catholicate day on the sixth Sunday of the great and Holy Lent (7/4/2019). The celebration begins by hosting the Catholicate flag followed by the Divine Liturgy. At the end of the Liturgy, the priest will make the congregation to repeat the Catholicate Pledge followed by the Catholicate anthem.

It was decided on 1934 December 26, on the occasion of Malankara association held at M.D Seminary that the Catholicate day must be observed on the 36th day (sixth Sunday) of the Holy Lent. The Catholicate day reveals the deep passion and love for the church in the minds of the devotees. The whole Church prays for the well being of the holy Catholicose and makes long life wishes to the Holy throne of Saint Thomas in Malankara.

The ancient Orthodox Church of Malankara was established by St. Thomas the Apostle of Christ. The Primate of the Malankara Orthodox Church (Orthodox Syrian Church of the East) is the Chief of the Office of the Catholicate of the East, who is seated on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas. His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II is the current Catholicos on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas in the East and the Metropolitan of Malankara.

Orthodoxia-Kadeesh – OCP News Service