Love doesn’t seek its own way

May 2015

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the greetings of the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa Theodore II and the alert attention of His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrios of Irinoupolis, we are continuing our efforts for the evangelism of our brothers there and their relief from the difficult reality they are experiencing, particularly the children.

However, we are deeply convinced that the children in the missionary center of Iringa region have milk to drink and vitamins to take only thanks to your loving support. You, the blessed children of the Church of Christ who lead your life by practicing His words and example, not only care about fulfilling your own needs, but open your heart and arms and embrace these poor children of Iringa and bring them close to you as if they were your own.

Continue, my brethren, this noble fight of love for the least brothers of Christ so that you can hear on the day of the final and fair judgment,

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, naked and you clothed me.

New priorities for our Mission in Tanzania

At this point we would like to inform you about our two priorities:

  • The first concerns a very poor village of Iringa called Msisina. It is there that we have built the sacred church of St. Christodoulos and drilled a borehole so that the inhabitants can have access to a continuous source of clean and safe drinking water. In order to understand the magnitude of their needs, it suffices to say that due to lack of water it was not possible for them to keep any type of livestock. After the drilling, they expressed through heartfelt manifestations their gratitude to His Eminence Demetrios during his recent pastoral visit andbeseeched him to do everything possible so that they could have a primary school because their children are obliged to walk about fifteen kilometers daily in order to learn the basic skills and not remain illiterate. But many children are unable to make this tedious and sometimes dangerous trip due to weather conditions; therefore, they remain illiterate. Dear valued partners of our efforts, at this point, allow us to inform you that the school construction cost is estimated at €30,000.
  • The second thing we would like you to know is that the ten thousand copies of the New Testament in the Swahili language, project which you kindly funded, have already been distributed. This means that ten thousand families have at home the saving Word of Christ and can study it and get the living water, which will become in them the spring of water gushing up to eternal life. As you can see, my beloved brothers in Christ, the goal we have set as missionaries, which we believe is your own goal as well since you are our valuable partners, is for every newly illuminated Christian family to have at home a free copy of the New Testament as a valuable legacy. We estimate that five thousand euro will enable us to fulfill this goal.

Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your fervent assistance in our struggle and we pray that the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who sacrificed Himself out of love for us, will give you a hundredfold blessing in return for what you offer to the field of Overseas Mission and, most important of all, grant you eternal life.

The Chancellor
Archimandrite Photios Chatziantoniou