Latvians consider Putin God’s messenger, Lutheran archbishop of Latvia says

May 2014

Riga, May 6, Interfax – Archbishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia Janis Vanags praises Russian President Vladimir Putin and criticizes a model of public life imposed by the West.

“They (Latvians – IF) hear a voice of reason in Putin’s speeches when he speaks of traditional values and need to believe. Putin in their eyes looks as God’s messenger,” Vanags said in his interview to Latvian paper Diena.

Answering the question about reevaluation of family values, calls to refuse a traditional marriage and attempts to legalize pedophilia, he noted that many Latvians can consider these tendencies only as suicidal.

“Western world really brings us not only good. Its “soft power” deprives us of national identity and traditional way of life. The truth is that Latvia and Russia as two young states should be friends and cooperate leaving behind old contradictions,” the archbishop said.

He is also sure that a nation cannot survive without patriotism.

“Why Russia supports Putin’s policy? Because he has stirred a wave of patriotism. A state falls without patriotism,” Archbishop Janis Vanags summed up.