Last Christians Expelled From Mosul, is All of the Middle East Next?


This symbol is the letter

This symbol is the letter “N” in Arabic, and ISIS painted it on Christian homes in Mosul to identify the homes as “Nazarene” (Christian). Christians were given the ultimatum to convert, pay the jizya, or leave. – 28/7/14

Professor Lord David Alton, who co-founded Jubilee Campaign, writes this important lament concerning the expulsion or forced conversion of all Christians from Mosul, Iraq and call to the United Nations and to the West to stop the atrocities.

The last Christian has now been expelled from Mosul. The light of religious freedom, along with the entire Christian presence, has been extinguished in the Bible’s “great city of Nineveh” – the centre of Christianity in Iraq for two millennia. This follows the uncompromising ultimatum by the jihadists of ISIS to convert or die.

 On Sunday Pope Francis expressed his profound anguish: “Our brothers are persecuted, they are cast out, they are forced to leave their homes without having the chance to take anything with them.” The UN Security Council has denounced these crimes but we desperately need to do more. And the West must press the Gulf to end the funding and recruitment for the Islamic State, previously known as ISIS.

Before pitilessly exiling the Christians on foot, ISIS stole everything they had – homes, businesses, cars, money and even wedding rings, sometimes with the ring fingers attached. Churches have all been destroyed, shuttered or turned into mosques.

ISIS has taken a sledgehammer to the tomb of Jonah, replaced the cross with the black Islamic flag on top of Mosul’s St Ephrem’s cathedral, and beheaded or crucified any Muslim who dared to dissent.

Even before the arrival of ISIS, targeted persecution of Iraq’s Christians, many of whom still pray in Aramaic, the language of Jesus, was ignored. Mosul’s Christians dwindled from 30,000 to a few thousand. Now there are none.

Iraq is now a disintegrating failed state. The only people who have successfully withstood ISIS (now the Islamic State) are the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. To their credit, the Kurdish leadership has been generously offering safe haven to Mosul’s fleeing Christians and have asked for international aid to help it do so. This crisis justifies massive humanitarian and resettlement aid that could include micro and business loans to help people to help themselves.

The world needs to wake up urgently to the plight of the ancient churches throughout the region who are faced with the threat of mass murder and mass displacement. The UN claims it has “a duty to protect”, while Article 18 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, born in the embers of the Holocaust, insists that each of us must be free to follow our own beliefs.

The religious cleansing and unspeakable bigotry at work in Mosul makes hateful mockery of both.

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3 thoughts on “Last Christians Expelled From Mosul, is All of the Middle East Next?

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  2. The Unholy Trinity – the USA/UK/Saudi Arabian partnership. We KNOW now that ISIS was initially trained by the USA govt – at bases in Jordan & Turkey. We KNOW that Saudi Arabia and certain Gulf Arab States funded them. We also KNOW that ISIS has enough American made military equipment to arm 200,000 soldiers. We KNOW the identity & role of the USA – Babylon. We REMEMBER the fate of Hiroshima & Nagasaki – the Americans dropping atomic bombs on the only two historical Christian areas of Japan. The Invasion of Iraq led to the decimation of Christianity there …..

  3. If following Christ means to carry the cross and deny yourselves, then let it be done with faith and obedience…for Christians are called to be the salt of the earth and light of the world. For they as peacemakers are called the children of God and heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. And when Christians will be wiped out of the face of the earth (but not totally as they remain faithful to Christ and His Church- and annihilation is impossible as Christ promised to be with the faithful Christians till the end of ages), then there will be total darkness to unbelievers and murderers; for what does it profit them to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of their souls in perdition!!! Glory to God for all the modern martyrs in Christ for whom eternal life in Heaven is a precious reward! Woe to the souls of those deniers and persecutors!!! Keep up the Faith! We, Christians, in a relatively peaceful parts of the world though not entirely free from our inner struggles, are united in your sufferings, and following your journeys to Heaven and remembering you in our prayers with loving care. Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, have mercy on us and save us. with prayer and fasting for the salvation of persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria: “Love-your-enemies” Peacemakers in the Philippines!

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