Kindly Support Women’s Wool Collective of the Draganac Orthodox Monastery

Draganac Monastery – 30/10/18 – Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija

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Draganac Monastery has begun a project to help local women in isolated villages support their families, who often live on only about $100 per month, to become more financially independent, while utilizing their creativity and skills. This is part of a larger project of the Diocese of Raška-Prizren (The Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo) to help support local families, to help them to stay in their ancestral homes, and to provide them with work. This project, in particular, focuses on the fact that the woman is the heart of the family, and that as such, it is by helping the women to find work and to use their skills that we can have a large impact on Kosovo families. Kosovo Serbian women are famous for their wool products and needlework, thus, we find women who are in need in isolated villages, and offer them the chance to improve their families’ lives.

We take the wool from Dečani Monastery sheep, our Monastery pays for it to be made into yarn, and then we give the yarn for free to the women to do their creative work. Here you can buy the fruits of their labors. Many of the products are unique and one-of-a-kind and special orders are always possible. While the project began and is focused on Monastery-produced wool, we have some other cotton products available as well, but everything is hand-made with love by the women of Kosovo. Our designs aim to be a combination of traditional Serbian patterns with an eye for modern tastes. Our wool products are made exclusively from the sheep from Dečani Monastery in Kosovo and are either the natural, white wool color of the sheep or are dyed with traditional vegetable-based dyes as Serbian women have done for centuries. All profits from the sales of these items go directly to the women; your purchase has a very real impact on the lives of financially struggling families in Kosovo.




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