Kind Plea to Help A Family Suffering From the Consequences of NATO Bombing 

28 Jun NGO – 20/11/2019

As a child Dijana was exposed to the poison of depleted uranium, forced to flee her home in Kosovo and lost her right eye to cancer. She and her family then endured the humiliation of having their house raided and all of their possessions seized by the courts, because her father could not pay back the loans he used to cover her treatment. The Gajic family are refugees from Pristina, who currently reside in Kursumlija, and their heartbreaking story is perhaps the most immoral and heartless we have come across in nearly eight years of humanitarian work.

Parents Srdjan and Branka have four children; Andjela, Andrijana, Dijana, and David. Their second youngest, Dijana, had the misfortune of being a baby during the NATO bombing, exposing her to high levels of depleted uranium, a known carcinogen. Her earliest memory is being thrown to the ground by the detonation of a NATO bomb. When she turned two, a tumor was discovered behind her right eye and the family’s nightmare began. An endless amount of hospital stays, surgeries and therapy over the years failed to save her right eye but did manage to contain cancer from spreading and save her left eye which is 70% functional.

Required changes to her prosthetic eye brought more costs and put the family at the brink of financial ruin. But the ultimate dehumanization came when a court order was issued in Serbia to confiscate every single belonging of value which the family-owned. Cold-blooded bailiffs came to their home and took everything in front of the frightened children.

This is inhuman and we will not stand for it. With your help, we plan to cover the costs for Dijana’s operation on her left eye and replace every item the courts stole from this poor family. We plan to deliver this Holiday Season! Please give generously and share this story with your friends and family.

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