Kind Plea from Fr. Seraphim Holland for the Ugandan Orthodox Youth

Fr. Seraphim Holland – OCP News Service – 28/10/2019

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Dear All

A Kind request from Fr. Seraphim Holland – Priest of St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Texas. 

There will be up to 1,000 youth at the Ugandan Orthodox Church youth conference in December!

Do you want to help out? There are two ways besides prayer.

1. Most people do not have an icon. I want to bring a zillion of them, paper or (preferably) plasticized.

I’m hoping to get a collection of Theotokos and Christ icons that are plasticized and easy to carry. Other options would be the festal icons, and Alexandrian Orthodox Saints, such as St Athanasius the Great, Saint John the almsgiver. Also St Moses the Ethiopian who was very popular in Kenya.

2. The conference is short of its fundraising goal. You give money, they will pray. The organizers told me that there is such a turnout that they’re going to have to rent space they didn’t think they were needing to rent. They pretty much need $6,000. We can come up with that, can’t we? Let’s do it.

Pls, Send to St Nicholas Orthodox Church, PO 37, McKinney TX 75070, or my home address. Make a note that is for Uganda and I guarantee if you get it in the next 3 weeks for sure it’ll get to them. If I have to I’ll carry cash.

Ugandan Orthodox do it right. There’s a Liturgy every single day. If you send the names of your Orthodox in your immediate family, I will make sure they are all commemorated at every liturgy during the conference.

3. I was going to ask for cell phones, but I have been warned that the TSA will not take kindly to a bunch of Lithium-Ion batteries in my luggage. I will take two, including my personal phone, at this time, I do not think I will take more.

You can send cheques or icons to my home address or the PO box.
Priest Seraphim Holland, 2102 Summit Drive, McKinney TX 75071
St Nicholas Orthodox Church, PO 37, McKinney TX 75070


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