IOCC Monitors Swine Flu Outbreak, Offers Resources

SYOSSET, NY [IOCC/OCA Communications/April 28, 2009] — International Orthodox Christian Charities [IOCC], the Baltimore-based pan-Orthodox humanitarian agency, is monitoring news about the swine flu outbreak.

“While the media can draw attention to an issue, it is often helpful to have other sources of information,” says an IOCC spokesperson. “As of April 28, 2009, there are less than 100 confirmed cases of swine flu here in the US and no reported fatalities.”

The IOCC web site offers a number of recommendations with regard to personal precautions at The site also features a downloadable planning booklet at Written by Mr. Lewis Saylor, who works with IOCC on emergency/disaster planning, in conjunction with the Health Department of Fairfax County, VA, the booklet is especially designed for clergy, lay leaders, and parish staff members. It may be freely reproduced and contextualized for an Orthodox Christian audience.

IOCC will continue to monitor the situation and post further information as it becomes available on its web site at