Internship Opportunities With Jun 28 NGO and UN

Jun 281 NGO – 26/11/2019

We’re Looking For United Nations Interns in New York, Geneva, Vienna

Last week 28. Jun became the first humanitarian organization operating in the Western Balkans to be approved for Association with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. The association constitutes a commitment from 28. Jun to disseminate information and raise public awareness about the purposes and activities of the United Nations and issues of global concern.

The association also means 28. Jun will receive an additional six grounds passes each year to enter the UN Headquarters in New York. With 28. Jun already being in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations since 2018, it will bring the total amount of annual passes at our disposal to 27. We plan to utilize the additional influence to intensify efforts by our advocacy wing — 28. Jun Global. Because we operate in areas where Serbian populations face routine violations of fundamental human needs — advocacy strategies to alert, inform, and influence decision-makers via international bodies, like the UN, are necessary.

We have several openings in New York, Geneva, and Vienna — if you have a background in international relations and humanitarian work please send an email to with a brief letter on why you think you’d be a good fit and your CV. Also join our group on LinkedIn to stay up to date on any additional opportunities: