Inter-religious Symposium at the Patriarchate Palace

Romanian Orthodox Church

On 29 May 2012, the first day of the inter-religious Symposium on the theme Diaspora – a reality of the present society took place in Conventus room of the Patriarchate Palace, organised by the Romanian Patriarchate in cooperation with Sapir Centre of Jerusalem and the Jewish Communities Federation of Romania, with the support of the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs.

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church addressed those present a speech entitled Dialogue and cooperation for common welfare.

To start with the symposium, official messages were addressed on behalf of the Jewish Committee for inter-religious relations of Israel, of the Romanian Presidency, of the Romanian Government and of the Jewish Communities Federation of Romania. His Excellency Chief Rabbi Mordechai Piron, Mr. Cristian Diaconescu, patriarchal counsellor, His Eminence Great Rabbi Menachem Hacohen, Dr. Adrian Lemeni, State Secretary for Religious Affairs and Dr. Aurel Vainer, president of the Jewish Communities of Romania delivered speeches.

During the working session that followed at 11.00 hours, lectures were delivered by: His Eminence Iosif, Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of the Western and Southern Europe, His Eminence Chief Rabbi Menachem Hacohen, Univ. Rev. Prof. Dr. Nicolae Achimescu, Faculty of Theology of “Patriarch Justinian” of Bucharest, His Excellency Chief Rabbi She’ar Yashuv Cohen and His Excellency Chief Rabbi Samuel Rene Sirat.

Hierarchs and theology professors of the Romanian Orthodox Church from the country and abroad, rabbis and representatives of the Jewish communities of Israel, Switzerland, France and the United States of America participate in the Symposium.

The purpose of the symposium is to deepen the spiritual significance of Diaspora and promote practical co-operation in the social field.