“I will show you my faith by my works” – IOCC

IOCC – 17/4/19

In you the image was preserved with exactness, O Mother; for taking up your cross, you did follow Christ, and by your deeds you did teach us … to attend to the soul.—Apolytikion of the Saint

In my years at IOCC, I’ve personally met scores of people whose world has fallen apart—through natural disasters and through disasters made by man. Family, home, job, savings, pension—all just gone. Sometimes, it hit them literally overnight. Others saw it coming but were unable to prevent it. They’ve survived losses and worries that only a very few of us in United States have ever experienced. Some are gentle and kind. Some are completely disconnected. Some are looking for someone to blame. Some are searching for hope.

“I will show you my faith by my works,” wrote the Apostle James. Being a Christian requires that we do something. This brings challenges, whether you’re working to keep family and friends and parish together or working with IOCC on behalf of people you don’t know and who may never have personally encountered a Christian, ever.

What we do as Christians—our actions that reflect our faith—can offer real help and hope to people in places where needs are great. That may be in our home or parish, or it may be around the world. Our actions in service to others reveal our hope in Christ and His Resurrection.

This week’s staff reflection is written by Gregory Manzuk, Safety and Security Manager