I.A.O. to host Conference on ‘Christianity – Orthodoxy and the Media in Modern World’

Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy – I.A.O.

Conference Christianity – Orthodoxy and the Media in the modern world-Thessaloniki, 12 – 15 May 2014


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The works of the international conference organized by the International Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) on the subject “Christianity – Orthodoxy and the Media in the modern world” commence on Monday, May 12. The Secretary General, Mr. Anastassios Nerantzis, MP, shall be the keynote speaker of the first day of the conference, for the opening of which the Deputy Minister of State and Government Spokesman Mr. Simos Kedikoglou has been invited. One of the speakers will also be the Chairman of the Synodical Committee for the Press, Public Relations and Enlightenment of the Church of Greece, the Reverend Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, His Eminence Ierotheos.

The conference will consider issues related to reporting and information in the field of news of ecclesiastic nature and the manner of their distribution.

The works of the conference will take place in the Educational and Cultural Foundation «St. Gregory Palamas» in Pylea.

The President of the I.A.O. General Assembly, Member of the Russian State Duma Mr. Sergei Popov will extend a greeting at the Conference, which will be attended by MPs from different countries of the world, mostly religion journalists, members of the academic community and staff of Press Offices of Churches and Metropolises of all Orthodox Churches, and Patriarchates, as well as of the ancient Eastern Churches.

Speeches will be delivered, among others, by MPs-members of the I.A.O.: Mr. Volen Siderov, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament and Chairperson of the Committee on Mass Media of the I.A.O., Mr. Emad Gad, Member of the Egyptian Parliament, head of the International Relations Department of the Al Ahram Center for political and strategic studies, Mr. Marco Politi, Writer and Vatican affairs expert (Il Fatto Quotidiano), Mr. Ihsan Yilmaz, Alternate professor of Political Science at Fatih University in Istanbul, as well as representatives of international magazines, networks etc.

The conference is called to display the existing problematic on the topics and type of news broadcast by the Media in the field of religions, the rules and code of ethics governing such news and, in parallel, to look into issues related to worship and new technologies. The second day will be dedicated to seminar-like discussions on similar topics.