Human Rights Without Frontiers: Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric – a hate crime victim


Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric – Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate – September 2014

Founded in 1989, Human Rights Without Frontiers International is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on research, analysis and monitoring of a wide range of human rights concerns in many countries throughout the world. The organisation is also dedicated to the promotion of democracy and the rule of law. Located in the heart of European policy-making in Brussels, it aims to the shape policy agenda of the EU and of other regional and global institutions in a way that protects human rights in and outside of Europe. The organisation also tries to influence opinions through almost daily communications in electronic newsletters sent to more than 8000 subscribers.

Recently in one of its information newsletters, Human Rights Without Frontiers published a text about the persecution of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric, and especially its prelate Archbishop Jovan who is imprisoned for nearly three years. The text has the title “Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric – a hate crime victim” and it gives an overview of the state persecution on religious ground that our Church has been suffering in the last 12 years, with the denial of registration of the Church, imprisonment sentences for its Prelate, Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid, and latest – with confiscation of property and sentences against other bishops, priests, monastics and faithful people of the only canonical Orthodox Church in R. Macedonia – the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric.