Holy Qurobo and Ordination of Deacons at St. Gabriel Church




Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate – 5/11/17

His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II celebrated the Holy Qurobo at St. Gabriel church in New South Wales in Sydney. He was assisted by their Eminences: Mor Malatius Malki Malki, Patriarchal Vicar in Australia & New Zealand, and Mor Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf, Metropolitan of Mosul, Kurdistan and their Environs, in the presence of the clergy and a crowd of faithful.

During the Holy Qurobo, His Holiness presided over the ordination rite of deacons, where he ordained new readers (Qoruye) and sub-deacons (Apodeacone) for the archdiocese, from the four churches of New South Wales: Mor Ephraim Cathedral, Mor Malke Church, Mor Thomas the Apostle Church, and Mor Gabriel Church.

In his sermon, His Holiness spoke about the deacon and the life of faithfulness and purity he should lead. His Holiness then spoke about the several ranks and roles in the church structure and emphasized the fact that the diversity of roles should lead to a stronger unity in the church. He also expressed his gladness to be amongst his spiritual children, and congratulated the newly ordained deacons and wished them a blessed church service.