Historic meeting of Catholicos Baselios Palouse II with Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II take place at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

Dr Rubin (OCP Delegate of Yerevan & All Armenia)
OCP News Service – 23/4/15

Yerevan: The historic meeting between His Holiness Ignatius Aphrem II – Patriarch on the Apsotolic throne of St Peter  and Primate of the Syriac Orthodox  Church of Antioch and All East and His Holiness Baselios Paulose II of the East –Catholicose on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas – Primate of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church took place at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin which is the headquarters of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. The Prelates shared immense joy and pleasure during the very rare apostolic brotherly encounter. There was strong fragrance of brotherly love and apostolic bond in the air. Both Primates of the ancient sister Churches hugged each other at first sight and dined together.

Both prelates are in Yerevan to take part in the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Catholicos and the Indian Orthodox delegation was give a warm welcome by the Church of Armenia. The Primate of the Indian Church also met with His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, with Catholicos-Patriarch Karekin II of All Armenia, various Eastern Orthodox Prelates including His Beatitude Thikon- Primate of the Orthodox Church in America and  other ecumenical guests.


OCP News Service

1 thought on “Historic meeting of Catholicos Baselios Palouse II with Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II take place at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

  1. While on vacation to Kerala, after the BJP victory and controversial speeches of some ultra right leaders, I had occasion to participate in “dinner discussion”. About four Achans and many reputed lay leaders were there. I opined that if we Kerala Christians know about the Armenian genocide, what is happening in Iraq , Syria etc and think of what may happen India if these Ultra fanatics take control in India, we would not be indulging in street fights and keep places of worships closed. Soon came response from a priest ” These Fanatics are better than our opponents. There is no way we can join together”; and as for a historic Church that remain closed for decades, he said that “unless our Kakshi get full and complete possession there is no way we will allow opening of the Church”. I was shocked to see the “Talibanization” happening in the Methran and Bhava groups. It is nice to see our Holy fathers together. I hope they would take steps to transmit their divine smiles and love down to the priests and laymen. Let ours be not be a repeat of politics where the followers are left to fight in the streets the leaders share dais and dine

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