Heartbreaking Scenes from the Ancient St. Thomas Syriac Orthodox Cathedral in Mosul



Idto Suryoyto Treeysath Shubho-Syriac Orthodox Church – 21/5/18

Heartbreaking scenes from the ancient St. Thomas Syriac Orthodox Cathedral in Mosul where the Holy Relics of St. Thomas were formerly housed.

This is the St. Thomas Cathedral Mosul which formerly housed the relics of St. Thomas the Holy Apostle. The relics were rediscovered by late Patriarch thrice blessed Mor Ignatius Zakka when he was bishop of Mosul. In 2014 the relics were sent to Dayro d-Mor Mattai for safekeeping. It was a wise decision,  otherwise the relics would have been looted or destroyed like the rest of the Churches.

Syriac Orthodox Prelates held prayers at the destroyed church in Mosul, after its liberation.