Halloween a.m. vandals spray-painted Greek Orthodox Church


Halloween a.m. vandals spray-painted Greek Orthodox Church as well as 8 cars and a fence as well as 8 cars and a fence.

Vandals early Monday used red, white and black spray paint to express their Satanic and anti-Christ sentiments on the walls of St. Vasilios Greek Orthodox Church, 502 Franklin St.

They didn’t stop there, according to Watertown police. While in the neighborhood, they left their paint markings on eight parked cars and a fence at 630 Gotham St. Most of the car vandalism occurred on Flower Avenue East, although one marked vehicle was parked in the 300 block of Keyes Avenue, police said.

The spree occurred between midnight and 4 a.m. Monday, police said.

Christina Thomas, a church member, said the writings on three walls of the church, including the front, were not directed solely at her religion, but at Christianity as a whole. The messages included, “Jesus does not care for anyone,” “Hail Satan” and “Save your prayers, Jesus does not love us.”

There also were upside-down crosses and a swastika, she said.

Parish members were able to wash off some of the graffiti, but some markings remained Wednesday for professional removal, Miss Thomas said.

“We tried to get off as much as we could Monday,” she said.

An insurance assessment of damage was being awaited, she said.