Grigor Chiftchyan: Armenian churches of Iran belong not only to Armenians but also to entire humanity


The historical Armenian churches of Iran belong not only to Armenians but also to the entire humanity, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Atrpatakan, Supreme Archimandrite Grigor Chiftchyan is quoted as saying by ISNA.

In a meeting with the head of Organization of Tourism and Handicraft of East Azerbaijan province, the senior Armenian cleric hailed the activities of the provincial authorities in restoration and preservation of the Armenian churches of Iran and added that such careful attitude of the Iranian authorities testifies to their respect for all religions.

“At first glance, it seems that the historical Armenian churches of Iran belong to Armenians but indeed they belong to the Iranian people and to the entire humanity,” Grigor Chiftchyan added.

Speaking of Armenian cultural monuments located in the territory of Iran, deputy head of Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization Masoud Alavian Sadr said to Iran’s news agency Fars recently in an interview, “Karakilisa Church located in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province has already been entered on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List along with 9 Iranian cultural and historical monuments. Another Armenian church, St. Mary, is located in Maku, West Azarbaijan. St. Stephanos (10-12 centuries) is another significant Armenian church, which is located in Julfa, East Azarbaijan Province, on the bank of Arax River.”