Greeks Recognized as the Most Religious People in the European Union

75% of Greeks call themselves religious.

PRAVMIR. June 20, 2014. A pan-European survey conducted by the Department of Social Research in nineteen European Union countries recognized Greeks to be the most religious people in the EU.

The results of the survey were published in a Guide to Mount Athos with reference to the newspaper «ΕλεύθεροςΤύπος».

75% of Greeks call themselves religious, and 46.2% said that they pray regularly. The corresponding figures for Catholic and especially Protestant countries are much lower. In countries with a predominance of citizens who are Catholic, 25.4% pray regularly, while in countries with Protestant citizens, 17.9% of the population pray regularly.

In Greece, 26% attend church at least once a week; in Catholic countries, 25.6%; and in countries dominated by Protestants, 7.7%.

The highest percentage of people attending church services is in Ireland (53.8%) and Poland (56.7%).

Only 1.7% of Greeks say that they are “irreligious” and only 4.1% of the people admitted that they do not pray or go to church at all.


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  1. Good on the Greeks. Keep up the respect for your church and above all Christ our Lord and God. I have great respect for the Greek Orthodox Church and the wider Orthodox Church in general. May God grant the Greeks what they wish for and it is beneficial for their country and families. Peace to everyone in the world. Love the orthodox faith.

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