Greek Orthodox Archbishop Petros of Axum and All Ethiopia receives OCP Secretary

OCP News Service
Yonas Gredew – October-November 2013

Addis Ababa: The Greek Orthodox Archbishop Petros of Axum and Archimandrite Chrysostom received Secretary George Alexander at the Metropolitan residence in the Capital City during the last week of October 2013. Secretary was accompanied by Fr Dr. Jossi Jacob (Lecturer Holy Trinity Theological College and IMOC delegate to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church).

George introduced the works and mission of OCP Society to the Archbishop. The cordial discussion also touched the relations between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox families. George presented Archbishop Petros and Fr Chrysostom with the icons of St Gregory of Parumala. Archbishop Petros presented Fr Jossi with the icon of St Mark and George with the icon of St Dionysius.

OCP News Service