“Greek News” Appeals to Greek-American Community For Support to Homeland

By Stella Tsolakidou

The Greek-American daily newspaper “Greek News” has appealed to the Greek Community throughout the US to provide the necessary support for Greek people going through extremely harsh times.

In its main article, the editor of the NY newspaper, Mr. Apostolis Zoupaniotis analyzed the Greek situation and presented the overall data concerning rising unemployment rates, which mostly affect the younger generation (more than 50%). He also highlighted the 250,000 Greeks that receive free meals in the different food banks organized by the Athens Archdiocese and the Churches across Greece, as well as the 20,000 homeless living on the streets and the ones who have lost their lives due to cold weather conditions lately.

Mr. Zoupaniotis called on Greek-Americans to show their philhellenic sentiments towards their homeland and fellow people, because otherwise they would be letting go of their national ties with their country. This would mean the end of Hellenism in America.

There have been several initiatives taken in the past few months, but so far no aid has been delivered to Greece. “Greek News” pointed out that the Archbishop of America, Demetrios, must head a joint convention of all Greek-American associations and organizations and the Archdioccese, in order to examine their role in the Greek debt crisis and call the people to contribute to the humanitarian aid efforts already launched by the Philoptochos Foundation of the Archdiocese and IOCC.

Moreover, the newspaper repeats its campaign this year, promoting Greece as a tourist destination for all Greek-Americans with the slogan “We love Greece-We help Greece: Bring your American friends to Greece this summer”.