Gevorkian Theological Seminary Enhances Research Capabilities

January 2014

The Gevorkian Theological Seminary has recently received a generous donation of 30 new computers and equipment, for the Komitas Conservatory Study Hall and the Computer Room. The 11 computers for the Computer Room, and the 19 for theStudy Hall, are being installed with internet access and have the latest software needed to keep the seminary up-to-date. The donation was received from Mr. John Pridjian, of New Jersey, USA, who is also providing technical assistance and guidance for the installation, and will visit the Mother See to oversee the final installation process.

Bishop Gevork Saroyan, Dean of the Gevorkian Theological Seminary and Rector of the Theological Educational Institutions of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin; noted that adding computers to the Computer Room would provide more students with the opportunity to advance their knowledge of computer use. Classes on basic applications are taught as part of the seminary curriculum.

Additionally, by installing computers in the Komitas Conservatory Study Hall, students and graduates will be provided the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on their theses. “This adds to the research capabilities we have available to our students, which is needed as we prepare to expand the seminaries faculties to include a doctorate program”, stated Bishop Gevork. The installation is expected to be completed and ready for use at the beginning of February.