Flash News – Reports from US Indicate an End to Schism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Solomon Kibriye (Editor – Ethiopian Affairs) – OCP News Service – 23/7/18

USA: Reports indicate that agreement has been reached on ending the schism between Addis Ababa Synod and the Synod in Exile during the first hours of talks. We are awaiting an official announcement from the Ethiopian Church.

Joint Prayers held between the Exile Synod and Addis Ababa Synod Prelates of the Ethiopian Church

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5 thoughts on “Flash News – Reports from US Indicate an End to Schism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

  1. Nous prions avec ardeur pour que l’unité de l’Eglise Éthiopienne s’ajoute à l’unanimité de la Foi, laquelle ne fit jamais défaut.
    We pray with ardor for the unity of the Ethiopian Church to be added to the unanimity of the Faith, which never failed.

  2. It is true, during the annual meeting(s) of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Synod and with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church’s episcopal delegation that arrived into the US, the EOTC Synod based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and the EOTC Synod in Exile made a declaration of peace, reconciliation and resolution to unite the Synod(s) into One, Undivided, Unadulterated Synod with His Holiness Abune Merkerios assuming the position and title of patriarch, while His Holiness Abune Matthias – by His Holiness’ own free will, will assume the position and title of chief administrator to the patriarch. Perhaps His Holiness’ new title will officially be ‘Kathilikos’.

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