Five Students Expelled From Bonga University For Supporting ‘Orthodox Fasting Food Request’

Photo - FB

Photo – FB

Deacon Solomon Kibriye (Chief Editor – Ethiopian Affairs) – OCP News Service – 30/11/2019
Special Courtesy – Kagnew Ewunetu

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Addis Ababa – Ethiopia: Five students from the Bonga University have been expelled for their support to Orthodox Christian students who requested ‘fasting food’ to be served during the Fast of the Prophets which precedes Nativity-Christmas.

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Students are also advised not to return to the University campus provided they chose to wear netela shawls (as it is customary while going Church). The President of the University said that the students were expelled for disciplinary problems. However, they were known to have been actively supporting Orthodox students who requested fasting food.

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The student body claim that another 20 students have been listed for expulsion over the issue of fasting food and netela shawls. Another source from the university administration stated that the students (especially Orthodox Christian students) were facing great difficulties because of their religion.

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