First Volume of SYNAXSARION Published in Albania

The Albanian Orthodox Church – March 2015
You can now find at the Orthodox churches’ stores across the country the most recent edition of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania – SYNAXSARION, the Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church, Volume I, September and October.
It contains an explanatory introduction and a preface by Archbishop Anastasios, which among other things says: “There are numerous stories about the lives and mostly the martyrdom of the different saints, which are kept as treasures in the books called the “Synaxsarion”. In many cases, for the purpose of spiritual benefit, the stories are written in a less formal way. From the many circulating collections, we preferred for translation into Albanian the publication of the Synaxsarion that was drafted at the Holy Monastery of Simonopetra on Mountain Athos, because it is based on the best resources and is designed with a serious critical process. This volume contains the lives of the saints that the Orthodox Church honors and celebrates during September and October. The work will be completed with the publication of other volumes, which will contain the saints that are celebrated in other months.”
The Church is in the process of publishing the other months, but each edition will be quite voluminous. The first volume has round 700 pages and includes the lives of hundreds of Orthodox Christian saints.