First Generation of the Students Graduated from the School of Byzantine Music in Albania

December 2014 – Theodhor Peci – Albanian Orthodox Church

The Byzantine Music School is now a wonderful reality. It represents not only the resurrection of a millennial tradition, but also a qualitative step in preparing chanters with extensive knowledge of Byzantine music, as well as music in general. Sunday the 16th of November was a historic day, because the first generation of professional chanters graduated.

The ceremony was conducted by the president of the school, Archbishop Anastasios, at the “Resurrection of Christ” Cathedral in Tirana, at the end of the Divine Liturgy, in the presence of the bishops, clergy, students, teachers and many believers.

His Beatitude Anastasios spoke, noting that: “An effort has been made for a number of years, by many dear associates, to increase the number of chanters, not only in Tirana, but throughout Albania. I want to thank both our choirs who represent us with their best. Because a choir symbolizes the voice of the people and through them we can feel more deeply the Divine Liturgy. I want to thank the choir of Mr. Milton Vako and the Byzantine choir, which is lead with great care by Mr. Theodore Peci “.

In the presence of the believers, six students who had completed their studies were presented with their diplomas, in a festive atmosphere accompanied by applause.

Then Archbishop Anastasios added: “I realize that this applause is not only for today, but that in the future these students will not just be good, but will be excellent in this art. These young men received a two year scholarship from the Church. They have lived in the dormitory of the Byzantine Music centre at Thavor with very good conditions. That is why it is important to remember that our Lord said, “To whom much is given, much will be required”. So may you be blessed to continue so that all of Albania may enjoy the beautiful tradition of Byzantine Music.” And then he spoke to the Believers and said: “But this does not mean that you have to leave them alone when they chant, because they chant as our representatives, we must learn to sing more hymns in order to chant together with them during the worship “. The ceremony was closed by singing the hymn “How Great a God is our God. You are the only God that works wonders “.