Financing of Church from state budget to increase in 2013

GEORGIA ONLINE – 6th November 2012

According to the draft budget for 2013, funding of the Georgian Orthodox Church from the state budget increases from GEL 22.8 to GEL 25 million (USD15 million).

Notably, two weeks ago the “Georgian Dream” collation announced the new government did not plan to finance the Church from the budget. David Berdzenishvili from the parliamentary majority told the NetGazeti online edition that in the future the state should stop funding the Church from the state budget, and should adopt another forms of financing before that.

“Georgian Orthodox Church must be reimbursed as a vicitim of Soviet repressions. This will not cost money, and it will be their money, “- said Berdzenishvili.

The draft 2013 Budget was presented to the parliament yesterday, and along with increased funding for the Georgian Patriarch’s Office, the new draft budget cuts funding to the Administrations of the President, to the National Security Council by about 14 times (from GEL 24.8 million to GEL1,8 million), it also cuts funding of the Investment Agency by almost 12 times, comparable to 2012 and envisages financing of the presidential reserve fund with about five times less money, than last year.