Feast of the Great Martyr Saint George



EOTCMK.org – November 2016

Saint George is one of the honored martyrs in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church, wherein he is referred to as the “Chief of Martyrs”.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church commemorates his feast on the 23th of every month. Furthermore, his major feast days per year are; his martyrdom on the 23rd of Mizia (May 1), the consecration of the first church dedicated to him on 7th of Hidar (November 16), and the scattering of his bon on Tir 18 (January 27).  The other feast is the transferring of his relic on Nehasie16 (August 22) that overlaps with the feast of the Assumption of St Mary.

On November 16, the church commemorates the consecration of the first church dedicated to him, and the commemoration of the blossoming of the dry pillar of poor widow and blessings of her house.

According to the hagiography of St George, when the pagan torturers arrested him in the house of poor widow where he suffered six days of hunger, the martyr made the dry pillar of her house to take root and become a mighty tree, and filled her table with heavenly bread and all good things and healed her four year old disabled son whose father died while he was a four month fetus.

May the blessings of St George be up on our home as he filled the house of the poor widow in his abundant blessings!