Exclusive Photos from the Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist in Nicosia – Cyprus









OCP News Service – Metropolis of Pittsburgh-12/2/18

Special gratitude to His Eminence Savas Zembillas – Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh

Exclusive Photos of the Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist in Nicosia – Cyprus

“Has never seen anything quite like the icons of the Iconostasis of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist in Nicosia. They were completed around the year 1800. The following photos are of Christ. There wasn’t enough time to take similar photos of the Theotokos, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, but they are similar in their strangeness. They are all covered with text, and loaded with miniatures that only reveal themselves under great scrutiny. As they are protected by reflective glass, it’s difficult to capture them with complete clarity. The miniatures of scenes from the life of Christ are “embroidered” in his vestments, and are smaller than a man’s thumbnail.” – Metropolitan Savas Zembillas  of  Pittsburgh. 

Metropolis of Pittsburgh-OCP News Service

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