Ethiopian Orthodox Church Slams TOTO Gay Tour

Menetasnot Desta – Chief Administrator of the OCP Amharic Service- OCP News Service- 6/6/19

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia: TOTO, a Chicago based travel organization for homosexuals that wants to tour Ethiopia (holy tourist sites of tana, Aksum, and Lalibela) is challenged by the Ethiopian Church leaders and her faithful.

On Monday the Ethiopian Church with six other religious organization (inter-religious council ) called the government to ban the proposed tour.

General Secretary of the council, Rev. Tiguan Tagay Tadele said: “Tour programs and dating programs that abuse our historical sites and heritage should be immediately stopped by the Ethiopian government and we urge Ethiopians supporting these sinful and evil acts to desist from their acts.”

Selistu Meit /Nicesan Fathers/ Union of Ethiopian Orthodox Church association also stated their opposition to the tour plan. They urged Ethiopians to take a firm stand against all types of homosexual movements. Homosexuality is morally wrong and it is considered a crime under the Ethiopian criminal law.

An administration office of Debre Roha St. Lalibela Churches of Northern Wollo dioceses is one of the targets of TOTO. Dn. Daniel Kibret, a well-known EOTC preacher and researcher said: “Visiting holy sites with an organized agenda may result in hostility from the host community.”

St. Lalibela Church administration send a letter to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism stating their unwillingness to receive TOT tour groups in their Church.

However, TOTO in an email (to media groups) stated that they don’t have any plans to cancel the trip.

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5 thoughts on “Ethiopian Orthodox Church Slams TOTO Gay Tour

  1. They are waiter you all you need is one way tickets to Ethiopia think about it if you think we are poor and we have no power read our history how we never being colonised you will have the answer for yourself.


  3. I’m an Ethiopian, and the EOTC must practice what it preaches and accept that all people are God’s creation and that they deserve to have basic human rights. Instead of persecuting homosexuals, the inter faith organizations should try and change the law.

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