Estonia does not treat cultural sites so barbarically

Izborsk: ruins of the fortress with an Orthodox chapel | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Kristopher Rikken

Critical of local government they say runs roughshod over locals, some residents of a small town in Russia’s Pskov oblast just over the border have proposed a last resort measure: to return the town to Estonia, — reported

The residents of Izborsk (Irboska in Estonian) express discontent with the attitude of the current authorities on a range of issues, including historical preservation.

They claim that a recent road extension project ripped out centuries-old shrubs and trees lining the streets, causing run-off to flow straight into people’s yards.

“Everyone knows that for 20 years of the 20th century Izborsk was part of Estonia. And old people remember what things were like back then,” reads the statement.

Irboska was part of Estonia in the interwar years, from 1920 to 1944.

If property owners and citizens are not treated better, the statement says, “make Izborsk a part of Estonia again.”

“Estonia does not treat cultural sites so barbarically, and that includes Russian culture,” the statement signed by 114 residents reads.