Eritrea continue to crackdown recognized Christian Bodies

Detained Patriarch Abune Antonios of Eritrea

Detained Patriarch Abune Antonios of Eritrea

OCP News Service – 10/5/14

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Addis Ababa: The Eritrean authorities who are famous for anti-Christian policies and persecution continue to suppress state recognized Christian bodies. The official recognized religious bodies in the country are the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran and Islam.

According to various news agencies, five Lutheran ministers who were about to be ordained recently were arrested. The arrest came after the official announcement of the Church regarding ordinations and it is reported that the candidates are being held in one of the police stations in the capital city of Asmara.

Since 2005 Eritrean authorities have been suppressing Christians and have stripped worshiping rights of several Christian communities. Several Prelates, Priests, Ministers, are imprisoned in the most famous personality being Abune Antonios who is the canonical Patriarch of Eritrea.

Abune Antonios was arrested by the Eritrean Authorities when he objected their interference in internal matters of the Church. He has been deposed and has been kept under house arrested in one of the secret locations in Asmara. The authorities of Eritrea also appointed  another Patriarch Abune Discoros who leads the church currently, but has not been recognized by any of the Orthodox Churches or other Christian bodies.

OCP News Service