Emergency Supplies provided to Ebola affected areas in Sierra Leone

+Rev Themi Adamopoulo – December 2014

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A few days ago the first of what I am promised will be one of many containers of emergency food supplies.

This container was paid for by Paradise 4 Kids AU, compiled by the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity and its mission minded followers in Thessaloniki containing sugar, rice, salt, oil, pasta, milk, clothing, and many needed items.

It even included 15 guitars, 15 tambourines, 2000 toys and 1700 pieces of school supplies to help us flight EBOLA.
These toys , school items and musical instruments will help us keep the children’s spirits lifted, while this country is in its greatest challenge.

P4K have promised 5 containers of rice from Vietnam, not just for the church but also for the SL government. We all wait for these containers with great hope and prayer.