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Photo: elderephraimarizona.blogspot.ru

Photo: elderephraimarizona.blogspot.ru

Orthochristian.com – 20/10/17

Reports have appeared in both Greek and English about a recent miracle of Elder Ephraim (Moraitis) of St. Anthony’s Monastery in Florence, AZ. According to the information reported, the former abbot of the Athonite monastery of Philotheou miraculously appeared to prevent a plane crash on a flight from Larnaca, Cyprus to Haifa, Israel.

The incident occurred on October 9, when a TUS-Airways flight began to show engine problems about 10 minutes prior to landing in Haifa. The Cypriot pilot, Panagioti, fainted, but awoke to the sensation of two warm hands taking over the yoke of the plane.

The passengers were in a panic, except for an Archimandrite Andrea from Nazareth who was silently praying the Jesus Prayer on his prayer rope.

The plane landed safely, and the pilot, reverently kissing Fr. Andrea’s hand and visibly shaken, asked what happened to the other priest who was sitting next to the archimandrite. Fr. Andrea replied that no one had been sitting next to him. “There was a short, very skinny, white-bearded elder who held my hands,” the pilot insisted. “He is the one that saved us!”

The archimandrite then showed the pilot a photo of Elder Ephraim of Arizona, and he was dumbfounded, realizing that was the man who had saved the plane and everyone aboard.


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ProdigalX October 20, 2017 at 8:16 pm

Elder Ephraim is indeed a saintly monk, but I have serious doubts about this account. There are too many holes in the story (e.g, an international flight would have to land in Tel Aviv, not Haifa [if it even has such an airport], where was the co-pilot?, there are engine problems so the pilot faints?, etc.) Our “solid” references here are a Facebook page and a blog site. I really don’t think it helps the Church when such accounts are published prematurely without solid evidence. If this story turns out to be false – and I believe it will – it make people question other miraculous events that ARE true. St John of the Ladder says one of the greatest virtues is discretion. Sorely lacking today.

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