Ecumenism Awareness: The Calendar Controversy ( Julian & Gregorian) – May – June 2015

The Orthodox Church is internally divided over the issue of the Church calendar. A minority of Orthodox churches worldwide, beginning in 1923, decided to follow the so-called “New” (Gregorian) Calendar. This is the same calendar used by the Roman Catholics and Protestants, except for the period of Great Lent and Pascha (known as the Paschalion).

The Church calendar lags the “New” Calendar by thirteen days. It should be added that the New Calendar was introduced into the Orthodox Church not for the sake of astronomical correctness, but as the first step in achieving a forced, false union of the Orthodox Church with non-Orthodox New Calendarist Christian bodies [i.e., Roman Catholic, Protestant, etc.], for the sake of certain secular advantages which such a union was expected to have. This was to be the beginning of the Orthodox Church’s participation in the ‘Ecumenical Movement’—a movement which has further divided the Orthodox Church into mutually hostile parties: the Ecumenists and the anti-Ecumenists.

All the Greek Old Calendarists are anti-Ecumenists, while some of the New Calendarists are Ecumenists and others are anti-Ecumenists. Thus, the evil fruits of the introduction of the New Calendar, which the Blessed Elder [Philotheos Zervakos] clearly foresaw, keep growing in number. Being with the old calendar it will not turn you automatically obedient to the Church, many Churches like Russian, Bulgarian etc following the Old calendar but they are still in communion with Ecumenical Patriarchate which  fraternizes with Rome which is against the Holy Fathers and the Apostolic Canons so in simple maths you are out of the proper Orthodox Church if you don’t accept the Father’s teachings and Canons.

The Genuine Orthodox Church in Australia many times been called Schismatic because of not being in communion with the other “Orthodox” Churches in Australia.

  • But the question is how we can be in Communion with Churches who are in Communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate who is in Communion with Rome and concelebrate together ?

When the Apostolic canons states clearly.

Canon XLV of the Holy Apostles

“Let any Bishop, or Presbyter, or deacon that merely joins in prayer with heretics be suspended, but if he had permitted them to perform any service as Clergymen, let him be deposed.”

How we can be in Communion with these people when they enter Jewish Synagogues ?

Canon LXV of the Holy Apostles:

“If any clergymen, or laymen, enter a synagogue of Jews, or of heretics, to pray, let him be both deposed and excommunicated.”

  • Canon 34 of the Local Synod of Laodicea: “That it is not proper for any Christian to abandon the witnesses of Christ and go to the false witnesses, that is to say the heretics, or to those who are predisposed to becoming heretics. For they are alien to God.Let them therefore be anathema, who would depart for their sake
  • Canon 32 of the Local Synod of Laodicea: “That it is not permitted to accept the blessings of heretics, which are foolishness rather than blessings.

Say NO TO ECUMENISM and bring back the Genuine Calendar

In modern times The Constantinople Patriarchs have been promoting to the rest of the world the ecumenist heresy. Before was Patriarch Atenagoras I,  Patriarch Demetrios I and now Patriarch Bartholomew I. Every one of them has been promoting this modern heresy.We as the flock of the Holy Mother Church rise up our voice against this Ecumenical dialogue, reunions, celebrations, recognition with the Latins (Vatican) and other heresies and sects.The Church is One, Saint, Catholic, Apostolic and Orthodox. There cannot be no two bodies, two lungs, no division.  The Holy Spirit does not divide Itself and dwell in error and sin. The Vatican State, or so called Latin “church”, is a public heresy supported only by their own mistakes and continuous attempts to neglect a true salvation or recognition of repent. Ecumenism is the modern heresy… A Bishop of the Holy and Undivided Church cannot state that there is unity and salvation with other religions and that there are two lungs of the same church (The Latin and the Orthodox). By 1054 the Latins (Vatican) expelled themselves from the only Church of Christ, therefore they are in constant heresy and shamefully in a constant recognition from a Bishop of the Orthodox Church that is not the voice of the Whole Church.

We, who do not support by any means this modern heresy that is building up within the One and Holy Orthodox Church, say to Patriarchate Bartholomew:STOP THIS HERESY AND DANGEROUS ACTIONS.